The Leela Palace Hotel in Udaipur, India

A taste of pure elegance in a serene environment filled with unmistakably among the most amazing views of a naturally beautiful landscape is the Leela Palace. Most who have visited the place say there are not enough words that can precisely give a description of the place. As a matter of fact most hotel reviews have it that it over-qualifies as just a place one must visit.

The first most outstanding visual aspect of the hotel is the design. The entire exterior as well as interior décor is a priceless work of art. A visit to The Leela Palace in Udaipur will give you the exact feeling of great craftsmanship married with outstanding architectural creativity. The hotel is simply a work of modern engineering.

There is a wide selection of rooms and suites to fit your preference.  All the rooms are carefully designed to enable each guest to enjoy a great view of the surrounding natural resources. The hotel service is of world class standards as hotel staffing is based on a stringent staffing protocol of hiring highly trained and competent staff. Client satisfaction is very important as it is among the goals of the hotel.

In addition, the hotel has a number of special offers for clients who are searching for more than just a place to stay. This includes the ability to make early bookings so as to ensure that you get the exact suite or room that you prefer. This is especially important during peak seasons as you can make reservations so as to spend quality time with friends and family at the Leela Palace which is indeed a palace.

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Furthermore, there is a spa that is strategically located with an amazing view of Lake Pichola. What’s more you have the option to have a private spa treatment with a loved one. Moreover, there are also pools where you can relax and have a great time, away from the stressful nature of a normal work schedule. In simple terms, it is more like an escape from reality.

All in all, the Leela palace is a place to be. Whether you like to enjoy yourself in a restaurant; or you are looking for a venue for a business meeting; even a wedding or just a place to enjoy peace and tranquility, the hotel has all the facilities to cater for your needs. The hotel staff is available round the clock to offer any kind of assistance that you may need.