Buying Groceries in Oaxaca, Mexico

Them sitting in the courtyard of my hostel. What a difference for my first night! I slept very well, and this place is much cheaper.

I find the outdoor courtyard very pleasant. It reminds me of Thailand in a way. Part of me wants to go back to Thailand and learn tie. Part of the wants find it with this place is about. Of course I am here so there is no decision!

I’m quickly learning how to get by in Spanish. Already, I was able to ask for directions to the supermarket, and get some idea of what the response meant. Then I saw some Americans walking down the street, loaded with groceries. I clarified the directions from them. Working in an unfamiliar language is like living in a haze. Actually, more like a heavy fog. I’m looking forward to the magic of comprehension.

I got basics such as oatmeal, salt, bananas, granola, drinking yogurt, tea, and a can of salmon. Now that I have some basics to get me started, you not have to worry about starving to death! To, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than not knowing where to eat locally, or what might contain wheat leading to severe allergy symptoms.

The tea is not very good. This is not a country that is big on tea, and the water is not that great either. Still, it will wake me up in the morning.

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The Americans told me that there is another store with much more variety. I will shop there next time. There’s also a local vegetable market, but I will wait until I know enough Spanish to tackle that one.

Meanwhile, I continue to await the arrival of my baggage.