Exploring Sydney’s Darling Harbour

Sparkling water, delicious food 360 views more stunning than those found in anywhere. Australia is famous for its people, its culture and its attractions. One startlingly overlooked location is beckoning for even more visitors, and its easy to get to.

When people visit Sydney, they need to look past the obvious fun to be had and the beauty to be observed that surrounds them, with its blue hues, golden reflections of light, and vibrant atmosphere – and yet none of it costs you a cent. Something as simple as taking a ferry ride around Sydney from one of the many easily located ferry stations lining the harbour itself can enhance your time in Sydney and save you some serious money. A city is only as expensive as you make it, and it is often better to think like a local than to think like a tourist when it comes to wanting to see the most amazing sights and maximizing each dollar to its full potential.

The little cafĂ© style restaurants that surround and overlook the harbour, unparalleled in its beauty, have fresh and appealing foods that are reasonably priced, considering their freshness and location. When a person goes to Darling Harbour, he or she certainly won’t starve.

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Hotels right on Darling Harbour are very expensive. A greatly recommended hotel is the Mercure near Central Train Station, because it allows for lovely walks to a host of popular areas, has lovely facilities and is priced more than reasonably, given its surrounding competitors.

If going to an art gallery or museum is a preferred activity, there are plenty of options for each individual. Depending on one’s preference, – modern art, impressionism, cubism or whatever it is you desire to see, – people can find a place to suit their needs. Have a quick search on-line and see what is trending or popular, because exhibition changes are constant at certain establishments.

Going to a nearby gelato stand on a hot and sunny afternoon and sitting by the crisp and clear waters of Sydney Harbour, breathing in the fresh and salty air, is an activity unsurpassed in its potential enjoyment, relaxation and memorability. Consider the sights that are off the beaten path, and always remember to see what is around you in Sydney. The perfect thing to do might be right in front of you.