Experiencing the best of Nova Scotia

Jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, one would think Nova Scotia would have a bigger profile within Canada. Alas, history has favoured the central provinces of Ontario and Quebec, leaving Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia to grow at a much slower rate than the heart of the country.

This was actually something of a blessing, as it preserved the province’s slower approach to life. More than the highlands scenery, the lighthouses, and the lobster rolls, the friendly people who call this place home is often the highlight of many people’s trips here.

Before we review what Nova Scotia has to offer the distinguished traveller, let us take a second to bring an important matter to your attention. As you may be aware, 2018 is the year when Canada is set to legalize the recreational consumption of marijuana from coast to coast to coast.

Cannabis growing Canada is not a new industry, as it has been producing an excellent quality product for medicinal customers for several years. Should you be interested in partaking, stores selling marijuana will be in operation by July 1st.

Take care not to consume this drug in public places, though, as Nova Scotia and other provinces in Canada have made it illegal to use cannabis wherever tobacco smoking is already banned.

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With that said, here’s how to experience Nova Scotia’s best qualities version Sbobet Casino.

Stay In The Most Luxurious Hotels

After a long day of sightseeing, you’ll want a comfortable and well-appointed place to rest your head. There are a number of excellent establishments in Nova Scotia that fit the bill – from the Prince George Hotel in downtown Halifax to the Keltic Lodge in the Cape Breton Highlands, these establishments will treat you to the hospitality for which this province is famous.

Visit Its Finest Wineries

While British Columbia and Ontario hog all the attention when it comes to wine in Canada, Nova Scotia has a number of amazing vineyards of its own. While most vineyards in Nova Scotia are located within the fertile bounds of the Annapolis Valley, do try to head up to Malagash on the North Shore, where you’ll find Jost Vineyards, the first winery to open in the province decades ago.

When in the Annapolis Valley, spend your time at Luckett Vineyards is time is of the essence. Founded by a foodie with a passion for fruit, this winery’s vino and food are equally as impressive as the views of Cape Blomidon.

Tee Off Amidst Sublime Beauty

Need to work on your golf game? Do it amidst dramatic scenery of one of Nova Scotia’s best courses. The possibilities are many: Fox Harb’r offers North Shore simplicity and a course Bill Clinton once played, Cabot Links provides links golfing atop sea cliffs, and Highland Links winds its way between mountain peaks and the ocean.

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