The Other Side, North Eleuthera Bahamas Luxury Resort

When my wife and I were originally looking for someplace different to stay in the Bahamas, we were totally oblivious to The Other Side.

Now, after our trip, we can’t brag about this place enough. With just 6 rooms in the entire resort, guests are almost guaranteed to get to know their neighbors. Beyond that, everything about this place is intimate. The vegetables you eat during your stay are actually grown on premises, which means that you’re getting delicious, fresh ingredients for every single meal.

During our stay, we became friends with 3 other couples that were staying at the same time we were and we still keep in touch to this day. We’re actually hoping to reunite and head back here soon, as it’s a can’t-miss sort of experience that we’re all craving again.


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Where Is It Located?

Getting to North Eleuthera, Bahamas may seem like a pain in the neck at times, but it is well worth it.

There are connections into North Eleuthera from Nassau, Bahamas, Atlanta, Georgia, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Miami. Once you land in North Eleuthera, it’s just a 5 minute taxi ride to Three Side Dock, where staff from The Other Side will pick you up.

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We flew from JFK to ATL then connected from ATL to ELH (North Eleuthera). We flew on Delta in Business Class for free using points.

You will be shipped off on their private boat and brought to their beautiful property after a short 10 minute boat ride.

What Are The Room Options?

There are just 7 tents in total on the property. Four are communal tents that have their own individual purposes: drinking, eating, playing, and reading. Then there are three sleeping tents.

The sleeping tents have hardwood floors, a king sized bed, air conditioning, wifi, sofas, and a large shower. They’re also the largest rooms on the property and are located right on the beach, which makes them so serene.

Other guests are able to sleep in the shacks. There are three in total, but the word ‘shack’ is in no way an indication of the space you are getting.

Perched higher up on the hill, all shacks include a king sized bed and an outdoor rainfall shower.


As far as prices go, tents are priced at $750 per night, while shacks are a bit more affordable at $550 per night. This rate includes breakfast, daily housekeeping and turndown service. Lunch and dinner are also served every single day except for Sunday.

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There’s also an honor bar, so guests can make their own drinks whenever they want, and a fridge and pantry full of snacks for you to pig out on any time.

There is a 5 day minimum stay, though chances are that you’ll want to stay significantly longer once you’ve had a taste of this slice of heaven.