The Dorchester Hotel in London, United Kingdom

The Dorchester Hotel is a luxury Hotel located in the city of London, UK. It is located on some of London’s most exclusive real estate, along Park Lane in Mayfair, overlooking Hyde Park. This hotel is renowned for its splendor, elegance and sheer luxury that guests get to enjoy. It is among the leading 5 star hotels in London and has hosted many renowned personalities.

This hotel has some elegant, world class rooms and suites. The rooms portray exception style and comfort. Each room has a magnificent view of the beautiful Hyde Park. The suites are extremely luxurious with large, stylish bathrooms that are comfortable yet stylish. Each is made of pure Italian marble with classy décor and styling to match the very best in terms of luxury. There are three roof suites which are extremely glamorous. They are renowned for being luxurious and modern with outside terraces and amazing views of the city of London.

The Dorchester hotel is home to award winning restaurants and bars. These are run by some of London’s top chefs and cooks. Guests and diners will enjoy some delicious afternoon teas served on the exquisite Promenade. The menu includes fine local and international cuisines, including some of the finest French cuisines, delicious British meals at the Grill restaurant and plenty of live jazz music and wonderful parties at the China Tang. There are also a host of stylish pubs and bars that provide a perfect ending or start to an evening.

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According to site, in 2009, this luxury hotel in London was remodeled and transformed into a modern hotel. One of the latest inclusions was the Dorchester spa. This modern spa offer exclusive pampering, exquisite massages and plenty of holistic and traditional spa treatments. The spa is adorned with modern art décor with impressive contemporary designs. The sheer luxury at the spas allows guests to indulge in sheer luxury while enjoying the pleasurable and relaxing spa treatments. There are special rooms such as manicure and pedicure suites, facial treatments, whole body massages and modern skin care solutions.

The hotel offers ample opportunities for corporate and group meetings at venues within it. All sorts of events can be held at the special rooms. These rooms include the new ballroom which has great interiors and is suitable for all sorts of functions. These include evening dinners, weddings, luncheons, corporate events, conferences and business meetings. These are some of the great amenities available to guests at the London Dorchester hotel.