Day One in Oaxaca

I do not feel such a need to write, unlike on previous trips. Maybe this is because I am more sure of myself, more grounded, and because this trip is not open-ended.

After feeling totally stressed out about work, preparing for the trip, acting, and not sleeping etc., it was a big relief to actually be on the airplane sitting in my seat. It’s always like this one way or another. I always find getting ready for a trip very stressful. The funny thing is, once I’ve worked out once and for all how to deal with one aspect to preparing for trip, next time I find a new thing to stress myself out with. What’s up with that?

Anyhow, it would have been more of their relief if I wasn’t running on a sleek deficit. And if Mexico seemed like an easier place to travel. But for some reason, I was not looking forward to getting to the hotel, getting to the bus station the next day etc..

I did at least have someone nice sitting next to me-a Polish woman living in Detroit, and visiting 80 bracket male bracket friends in Mexico.

I didn’t have much appetite each on the plane. I was to regret this later. I change my plan en route, and instead of spending the night in Mexico City, I bought another plane ticket straight to Oaxaca. The snake kneels very difficult, and in the end nearly impossible. With a healthy supply of cliff bars, this should not be a problem.

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But I had not planned on them losing my bag. And where did I packed most of my cliff bars? In my check in luggage. That was a mistake! Now what am I going to do? I am very adventurous with foreign food, but being allergic to wheat, I cannot afford to take chances with food I do not understand. The cliff bars were supposed to get me through that initial period, before I knew anything about the food, or could speak a word of Spanish. But I only have a few cliff bars in my carry-on luggage. Now I find, I do not have enough for the entire day. Disaster! Misery!

At first, the fact that my bag had not arrived it not bother me. In fact, when I arrived in Oaxaca I was in good spirits. Then I made my second mistake. This is a mistake that shifted me from good spirits, to feeling down in the dumps.

I decided to use the phone at the airport to call ahead to Casino Online hotels. This way I can determine where I was going to stay, and get a taxi to take me straight there. This did not work out as planned. First of all, it took awhile to find the phone in a quiet spot. Even then, quiet was a relative term, but at least it was quiet enough to bracket barely bracket use the phone. The first few places I called were full. So were the next few. So to were the other hotels I called. Going for more expensive hotels did not help. Everywhere seem to be full. I started to develop that sinking feeling. Finally, I found hotel that had a room. I didn’t ask the price.

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By now, all the shared taxi said left. He said is paying 10 pesos for the taxi, I had to pay 125.

The hotel looked nice on the outside. Also, the lobby look very nice. Be on the lobby was also nice. It had better be at this price! $75 is a lot to pay for hotel, especially in a supposedly cheap country like Mexico. I’m beginning to learn that Mexico is not as cheap as I had thought.

I was not impressed with the room. In fact, I hated it. Noisy and dingy, it was hardly welcoming and certainly not worth the price. For sure I will move tomorrow. Meanwhile, I need to find food.

Walking the streets, I find it most places are closed. It is just before New Year’s. Not a great time to arrived in Oaxaca. Everything is close, the hotels are full, and prices are high. I am not a happy camper! Although some eateries are open, I know nothing about the food, and have no way of knowing if dishes contain wheat or not. I don’t know a word of Spanish. Finally, I find a small grocery. My options are limited. With my Swiss Army knife packed in my lost bag, most cans are out of the question. Finally, I find a can of fish with the pulltab lid. Not exciting, but it will do the trick. I eat it in my dingy overpriced hotel room. Not quite satisfied, at least am not starving either.

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Now I hit the streets to find a new hotel room. I start with my first choice, the first place I called earlier in the afternoon. Irony of ironies, they did have a room. Somehow, they misunderstood me, or I misunderstood them on the phone.

Back in the hotel, I can so myself with the book. And very glad that I have my head lamp in my carry-on luggage. There is no particular reason for that, but it sure comes in handy now. My dingy hotel room is awful for reading, but the head lamp does me good reading light.

So much for day one in one after. Not a great start, but tomorrow will be much better.