Yokohama: A Cosmopolitan Center for Business and Fun Alike

Yokohama is known for several things worldwide; but to those who visit this stunning city, it means a refreshing change in the ordinarily crowded and bustling cities of Japan. In the warm months, it is a happy and friendly atmosphere for all.

Yokohama has one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world. When one rides it, it presents one with an extensive view of the city, tall buildings and wonderful up-to-date facilities on show for all. The Ferris wheel is a part of a small theme park, not unlike the size and style of Luna Park in Sydney, Australia. The theme park also has a world renowned and locally infamous rollercoaster called “Vanish”. It is a set of pink rails that writhe and swirl around the majority of the amusement park’s grounds, before it plummets downward. It then proceeds in taking passengers “underwater” whilst fountains spray, giving the illusion. It is actually an underwater tower, with safety precautions so immense that even a crack in the tunnel would not flood it, because it is ‘coated in patented anti-water sealants daily’, according to warnings on signs around the rollercoaster and park.

Yokohama is overflowing with areas to sit and enjoy the surrounding areas, along with places to explore, to learn and to experience the new and old, and malls, full of stores to look through and cafés & restaurants to eat in.

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Yokohama has one of the world’s most popular conference centers. It is connected to the previously mentioned mall, full of futuristic facilities and excellent ambience for conducting any business or doing any networking for a range professional and important career-related events Judi Online Terpercaya.

Yokohama is easy to get to from Tokyo. A vast number of train lines connect to two cities, and the majority of visitors arrive via shinkansen (the Japanese bullet trains).

Yokohama has strong roots in cultural tradition, and there are many neighborhoods and areas to explore for those looking to see the obscure, unusual and that which is unequivocally Japanese.

The Landmark Tower, being the tallest building in Japan, is located in the heart of Yokohama. It is certainly worth a visit, both because it is an astonishingly tall structure, and the vicinity is vibrant and well located.

Yokohama is a thriving area, vibrant and colorful in vibe and essence. It is an excellent alternative to other Japanese cities, for those who want something more laid back and relaxing.