Silverback Gorilla Trekking In Bwindi Forest Is The Greatest African Wildlife Adventure

The comforts of the west can be alluring, but over time, they can lure you into a state of boredom. If you find yourself in this situation, the wild wonders of the developing world can return a sense of energy to your life.

Africa is filled with these experiences, not the least of which is its abundant safari experiences. Of the many options available, the trek to see the silverback gorillas who reside in the Bwindi Forest are among the most sought after.

If you are looking for a spark to return passion to your everyday experience, this adventure may be for you. Still with us? Read on below to learn about this amazing odyssey.

The adventure begins at the airport

While Uganda is a place filled with friendly people and amazing sights, it is a very different place from where you call home. As such, it helps to have local experts on the ground coordinating things like transportation.

You’ll be picked up by a knowledgeable guide who won’t just transport you to your hotel – they’ll infuse you with the knowledge needed to appreciate this corner of Africa.

Before you even set out to the Bwindi Forest, you’ll have a sense of what makes Uganda tick – this is the difference that hiring a professional tour company makes.

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Safari accommodations can be luxurious

Despite what you might think, gorilla safaris aren’t as rough and ready as you’ve been led to believe. Many operations actively market to well-heeled customers – this means no matter how sweaty you get during your trek to the gorillas, you’ll be able to fete this amazing bucket list achievement at a luxurious hotel later in the day.

Many boutique hotels used as a base by Ugandan tour companies offer chic swimming pools, masseurs, and boot cleaning and hot towel services. As such, you won’t have to give up creature comforts during your time in Africa.

Your time with the gorillas will be precious

After a few days spent getting rid of jet lag and learning about Uganda, you’ll finally get to meet the silverback gorillas of Bwindi. Before you do, however, you’ll need to attend a talk given by experts in gorilla behaviour.

By learning how to interact with these beautiful animals properly, you’ll be preserving their wildness for future generations to enjoy. There are different options that are appropriate based on fitness levels of trekkers – be honest with yourself on your level of conditioning, and you’ll have an experience far more pleasurable than if you choose to bite off more than you can chew.

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When you finally come face to face with these gentle beasts, don’t be rash – follow your guide’s instructions, be predictable in your movements, and most of all, just observe and soak it all in. This is a life experience that the rest of the world wishes they could have – relish it.