3 Places to Indulge Yourself

March can often be a dull time of the year. Winter is almost over but spring has not yet begun. The kids are bored with school and counting down the days until vacation starts. It is the perfect time to plan a vacation to get away from it all. Indulge yourself and visit these 3 places this March.


Umbria is a region in Italy that is bordered by Lazio, Le Marche, and Tuscany. It is known as “the green heart” and it is famous for medieval towns, and its fabulous local cuisine of truffles and fabulous wines. Perugia is the capital city and it is known for the Perugia Cathedral, Fontana Maggiore, and the gothic architecture of Palazzo dei Priori. Be sure to take a trip to Assisi to see the birthplace of St. Francis and visit the Basilica of St. Francis and the frescoes that depict his life’s work. Join a tour and spend a day learning how to hunt for the wild truffles that grow abundantly here and be sure to sample some. You can also take trips to local wineries where you can sample what this region has to offer. If you enjoy swimming on holiday, you might want to rent a holiday home with a pool. Oliver’s Travels have some great villas in Umbria to choose from.

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Barbados is located in the West Indies and it is a fabulous destination for people looking to unwind and relax on the beach. There are also many fabulous golf resorts where you can work on your swing or just lay by the pool all day. Visit a spa and get a fabulous massage before heading out to the beach. Turtle Beach and Crystal have many fabulous, pristine beaches that you can indulge in water sports, people watching, and soaking up some sun. Consider chartering a boat to sail along the coast. This will allow you to snorkel or dive where ever you feel like and you can choose any beach that you desire. The South Coast Boardwalk runs parallel to the ocean and you can explore the many restaurants, shops, and venders in this area. Be sure to indulge in some freshly caught local seafood along the Boardwalk while watching the sunset.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago of more than one hundred stunning islands off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is a fabulous place for ecotourism and a beach vacation. The capital city of Victoria is located on the island of Mahé and this is a great place to start your vacation. From here you can travel easily to any of the fabulous destinations like Curieuse Island where you can visit the more than three hundred Aldabra tortoises that have been placed there for conservation and see the coco de mer palms that only grow in this area of the world. Anse Lazio is a fabulous beach that is located on the northwest coast of Praslin Island and it has been voted one the best beaches in The Seychelles by Lonely Planet and listed in the top ten beaches in the world in other surveys.

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