Jaisalmer Fort In Rajasthan: A Guide For Your Vacation

Forts Palaces of Jaisalmer – You might be feeling that the Rajasthan Jaisalmer Forts might be feeling lonely, standing all alone in the midst of the sandy Thar desert. While approaching Palaces of Jaisalmer, you are looking at the desert, and the fort stands up like a soldier holding ground majestically. Also known as Sonar Qila or the Golden Fort, it is often visible with the desert in the background as the hues of the two get mixed Palaces of Jaisalmer.

The Jaisalmer Fort is located on the Trikutta hills and was on a popular trade route because of which the city became extremely prosperous. With the advent of other trade routes, the city’s importance declined gradually. Even today, the 25% of the total population of the city resides within the fort. So the fort is alive with activity as the people get on with their daily lives Forts Palaces of Jaisalmer.

Astounding Architecture

Fort of Jaisalmer – It is a five storeyed structure built of yellow sandstone and that’s why it is also called the Golden Fort. The structure is fortified by three strong walls and has 99 bastions in all. The fort is embellished with beautiful pavillions, screen windows and balconies. It has four huge gateways that are called Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoot Pol and Hawa Pol Fort of Jaisalmer.

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Intricate Interiors

Play your way through the narrow maze of lanes that’ll take you to innumerous shops, palaces, mansions and temples. The fort is self sufficient in itself for its water needs as the wells inside the fort are more than sufficient for the people living inside. The temples inside the fort are Jain temples that are reminiscent of Dilwara Temple.

The Jaisalmer Fort has about five palaces within its confines that are extremely magnificently built in Rajputana architectural style. The latticework screens are specially designed to keep the interiors of the palaces cool. Then there are mansions that were built by wealthy merchants.

In many aspects these mansions seem to be deliberately copying the royal style of building palaces. One after another, all the buildings have adapted to changing times and have either converted into shops or museum or hotel. Whatever be their new form, they still manage to give you a peek into the medieval past they were created in Forts in Jaisalmer.

Forts in Jaisalmer – Vacation Options

Definitely try to visit the place during the Desert Festival which is held in January/ February every year when the desert’s folk melodies reign supreme in the hearts of local people and tourists alike. Exciting competitions are held like turban tying competition, Mr Desert Contest, camel races etc. Camel Safaris are also an exciting way of enjoying your vacations here.

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