Changing Canadian Travellers Cheques Impossible in Oaxaca

And went on an expedition to change money.  The problems were unbelievable!  None of the money changers would accept the Canadian travelers check.  I would have had more luck with Canadian tire money.  Here we are, in a free-trade agreement with Mexico and the United States, and I can’t change the Canadian travelers check in Mexico.  I never had this problem in Asia or India.  Very frustrating.

I decided to change on the very few US dollar travelers checks that I have.  I accidentally signed the travelers check in the wrong place.  The woman watched me sign it and said nothing.  then wouldn’t accept it.  Also, she claimed she didn’t think the signatures matched.  Just being nasty and horrible, in my opinion.

So I took out of fresh travelers check, signing that in the correct place.  The stupid, nasty woman still didn’t think that my signatures matched.  I got seriously angry at her and ordered her to change the travelers check now that I had signed it. Which he Daftar Win88 did, amazingly enough.

Meanwhile, no one will change the first travelers check which I had signed in the wrong place.

So, I Canadian travelers checks are useless, and I have very few US dollar travelers checks.

Meanwhile, I cannot find a single ATM in town it will give me a tacit vents on my Visa card.  TD-Visa is not a card to travel with, apparently.  I will have to wait until the banks open in a few days.  Has not yet paid the landlady the rent.  I’m seeking her waiting, until I can get a good reliable source of cash.

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