Finding a Better Place to Stay in Oaxaca

I’m in a much better frame of mind this morning, after a good night’s sleep, and a couple of chocolates.  One good thing about this expensive hotel, is it leaves cheap chocolates by the bedside.  I’m very glad of it now.  I would have eaten in last night, but I was worried that they may contain milk or other allergens.

This morning I had the patience to translate the ingredients of the chocolates word by word from my dictionary.  That was actually fun!  It is fun to use a new language which I am unfamiliar with.  Much easier than entire Chinese, which use a different alphabet in the first case, and a pictorial system which is impossible to understand in the second case.  Spanish is almost identical to English-if you compare it to Chinese!

The chocolates as it turns out, have no milk but do have almonds and cinnamon.  They are excellent!

Until my baggage arrives, I have only one cliff bar left.  I hope this will give me enough energy to fine breakfast.  At least tea or coffee should be easy to buy.

I’ve checked into several Spanish language schools in Oaxaca.  When I reached Vinigulaza, and you I’d found the right place.  The other two schools like checked out were OK, but it Vinigulaza I felt I was speaking to the owner, not to educational director.  At Amigos des Sol, it seems very sociable, but I couldn’t take it seriously.  I did not feel they were interested in being a language school, but rather language party.  OK for 20-year-olds, but this is not what I’m looking for.

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It Vinigulaza, I asked some detailed questions about the language instruction.  I was referred to the language director, Enrique.  He spent a great deal of time with me, first explaining how they do instruction at the school, then about more general things. I notice that the teachers seem to be a tight and sociable group.  It just feels comfortable.  I also like that they have no set activity schedule, they just making up as they go along.

Enrique showed me a home-hostile.  It had a damp room so I rejected it.  Then he showed me a small hotel.  It’s OK, not great but I’ll start here and see how I like it.  I can imagine better, but this is much much better, and much cheaper, and where I stayed last night.  Also, I can cook year.

Enrique also showed me a nice little snack place where I had a couple of corn tortillas with bean sauce and beef.  Very good.  He explained to me how to recognize the difference between weak tortillas, and corn tortillas.  Essential information to manage might weak allergy!  Pure corn tortillas are large and handmade.  Smaller, machine-made tortillas may, or may not, have wheat in them.  Weak tortillas are white rather than yellow.  I now feel fairly comfortable about finding weak free food in Mexico, or at least this region in Mexico.

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