The New Air Zealand Cuddle Class

Have you ever been on a flight and wished you could spend more time with your partner, who has been seated a few rows away? Or had a honeymoon, only to find yourself sitting next to a grumpy traveller instead of your new spouse? It can be frustrating to spend the hours of a long-haul flight in isolation, and even when you are sitting next to the person you are holidaying with, the seats can be so cramped and tight that you can’t sit in comfort or enjoy the journey.

Finally, an innovative airline may have come up with a solution for the pitfalls of air travel with a partner – Cuddle class. Air New Zealand have developed the Cuddle class concept as a way of letting romantic couples spend time together, without having to endure lengthy flights alone. In April, the airline will launch the new concept, based around their ‘Skycouch’ seats, which are made up of three economy class seats in a row. With a few simple manoeuvres, the seats can be changed in to a couch which a couple can comfortably snuggle up on for the duration of the flight.

To benefit from the new scheme, two people who travel together will be able to purchase the middle seat on their row for half the price of a usual seat, and then fold up the arm rests to make a space which is the equivalent of a twin bed. Stretching out in style, they can then enjoy a much more luxurious flight with a much lower price tag than they would pay for going first class and purchasing the extra space. Parents can also use the middle seat for their children, making their flights more comfortable and setting up a dedicated play area for the duration of the flight.

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The chief executive of Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe commented on the new approach to flying couples: “For those who choose, the days of sitting in economy and yearning to lie down and sleep are gone. The dream is now a reality, one that you can even share with a travelling companion – just keep your clothes on.”